i opened my mind and this got out

9 March 1975
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LOL: "A healthy brain is never bored."

In October 2007 I celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary; we have four kids (aged 6, 9, 12 and 14) and have a polyamorous marriage. In March of 2005 I turned 30, and that's not as distressing a thought as it was a few years ago. In June 2004 I finished the first draft of the first two novels in a series I have been developing since 1996, and started working on the third in the series. Then in November of 2006 I wrote a new novel in 28 days; following that, while working on another I realized that the newer stories were related to the others, and I'd made myself a tidy mess of an alternate universe.

I've noticed that people like labels (maybe because it saves them the effort of thinking), so although I personally despise them, I make use of them in cases like these to simplify my own efforts. The DSM-IV label is "Asperger's Syndrome;" the one MBTI gave me was "INTP;" and the enneagram says "5w0." Each is general enough to be accurate in some ways, but don’t really, in my opinion, offer much indication of my “personality,” which is what these things are supposed to be labeling.

Better, then, to use words like “reserved,” “writer,” “cynical” and “clever.” Or, like it says on my business card: “Linguistical Artist, Free Thinker, Mad Genius.”

And none of this really covers the fact that I’m just not much like most people. Even other people who are considered “different” one way or another think I’m weird.


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